Configurations for high availability (HA) based deployment.

When deploying the Telco Cloud Automation through Infrastructure Automation, you need to configure parameters specific to HA deployment.

Cloud Specification Changes

You can download the cloud specification JSON file from Infrastructure Automation. For details on the changes required in the Cloud Specification JSON file, see Specification File for Cloud Native in VMware Telco Cloud Automation User Guide.

Changes through UI

You can perform the HA specific changes through the Infrastructure Automation user interface.
  • Global Settings : Configure the vSphere User Group. This configuration corresponds to pscUser configuration available in cloud specification JSON file.
  • Appliance: configure the following appliances for HA based deployment.
    • TCA
      Note: TCA appliance type is required only for management domain of central site.
  • Domains : Use the Certificate Management to upload the SSL certificate.
    Note: The central site management domain requires a x509 certificate. You can use the self-signed or CA provided certificate.