If VMware Telco Cloud Automation does not run as expected, you can collect the relevant logs for requesting technical support.

You can collect the following types of logs:
  • Crash logs.
  • MongoDB dump.
  • Kubernetes Cluster logs.
  • Collect Workload cluster logs from the VMware Telco Cloud Automation Control Plane where you have deployed its corresponding Management cluster.
  • The time taken to collect Kubernetes Cluster logs depends on the number of objects within the clusters.
  • You can collect the logs of up to five Management clusters at a time.


  1. Log in to the appliance management interface: https://tca-cp-or-fqdn:9443.
  2. Navigate to Troubleshooting > Technical Support Logs.
  3. Select the logs.
  4. For Kubernetes Cluster logs, select the Management cluster logs from the table. You can select up to five Management clusters.
  5. Click Request.