You can back up and restore the appliance from the appliance management interface.

  • First configure the FTP server settings.

  • Ensure that to create separate folders for TCA manager and TCA CP backup. It will help to recognize the backups.

  • If TCA Manager and TCA Control Plane are deployed in the same Kubernetes Cluster, for example, on the Bring Your Own (BYO) cluster using the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, then the backups generated from TCA manager appliance management UI will include data for both TCA Manager and TCA Control Plane.

Backup and restore operations are available in the TCA Appliance Manager interface except when restricted by a cloud service provider.

Using the TCA Appliance Manager interface, you can:
  • Generate a backup of the VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager and VMware Telco Cloud Automation Control Plane (TCA-CP)
  • Use the backup file to restore to a healthy system.
  • Schedule a backup operation on an hourly, daily, or weekly frequency or generate a backup manually.
  • Upload the backup file to an SFTP or FTP server.
    Note: Although the FTP server is provided as an option to upload the backup file, it is highly recommended that you use SFTP.
  • Download the backup file to your local machine.