Host profile details for PTP and ACC100 devices.

Note: If you had configured PTP and ACC100 in passthrough mode in VMware Telco Cloud Automation 1.9.1 or 1.9.5 and want to upgrade to VMware Telco Cloud Automation 2.0, you do not need to create a host profile for PTP.
For the PTP and ACC100, you need to configure the following sections in the Host Profile.
  • PCI Device Settings
  • PCI Device Groups
To configure the device in Passthrough, SRIOV, or Custom mode, use the PCI Device settings. For example, if the host has an E810 card with four ports, and you want to put PF0 in Passthrough Active and PF[1-3] in SRIOV mode, you can use PCI Device settings in Host Profile to implement these configurations.

PCI Device Groups defines the filters for selecting a particular PF for the PTP. For example, if in a card, you have PF0 and PF1 in Passthrough Active mode and have connected the PTP switch to PF0, you can use the filters in PCI Device Group to select PF0 for PTP.

  • XXV710 and E810 cards support PTP in passthrough mode.
  • On XXV710 card, you can use any PF for PTP.
  • On E810 card, you can use only PF0 for PTP.
  • For PTP in Passthrough mode, configure the PTP port in Passthrough Active and SRIOV disabled mode. You can perform these configurations using the Host Profile function of the VMware Telco Cloud Automation.