VMware Telco Cloud Automation deployments have PTP time synchronization for both Radio Unit (RU) and Distributed Unit (DU). When there is a loss of time synchronization, the DU application disables transmission until the time synchronization is reacquired.

The following are the PTP notification events:
  • Synchronization State
  • PTP Synchronization State
  • PTP Clock Class Change

The PTP notifications are managed by exposing the REST API to vDU applications to register for PTP synchronization events. The PTP notification framework monitors the PTP status and delivers PTP event notifications to the vDU application.

The following are the components required to manage the PTP notifications:
  • Sidecar Container
    • Updated DU specification to run the Sidecar.
    • DU application communicates with the Sidecar using the localhost address and port, which are exposed to the DU application by k8 Downward API.
    • PTP event notifications are sent to the DU application through REST APIs exposed by Sidecar.
    • DU application retrieves the current status of PTP, as required.
  • O-Cloud API Daemonset
    • Daemonset pod contains monitor and MessageQueue container.
    • PTP status is monitored using a monitor container.
    • Monitor Container pushes the notifications to the DU application through MessageQueue and Sidecar.
    • Daemonset pod should be instantiated using CSAR
      Note: CSAR is provided by VMware.