You can execute an interactive shell session on the container by using the following command:

docker exec -it migration bash

To check if the tool is running properly inside the container, use the following command:

All CLIs:

$ python3
usage: [-h] {encrypt,generate-template,deploy,backup,migrate,revert,e2e-migrate,status} ...

Migrate VM deployment to VM based Cloud Native deployment forTelco Cloud Automation

   -h, --help          show this help message and exit

   encrypt             Interactive CLI to encrypt passwords for appliance using a passphrase    
   generate-template   Generates topology template that contains TCA Manager and CP details    
   deploy              Deploys new appliance(s) similar to old appliance(s)    
   backup              Generates backup of the entire topology (for all the appliances) or given appliances in the input to prepare for migration    
   migrate             Migrates the data from old to the new appliance(s)    
   revert              Reverts the migrated setup to original setup. Deletes new appliance(s) and powers on the old appliance(s)    
   e2e-migrate         Deploys and migrates entire topology with one command    
   status              Get migration status of appliance(s)

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  • If you need any help for each sub command, use -h with the sub command.

  • You can use the same container for migrating different TCA topologies (TCA-M along with TCA-CPs) one after the other. You can prepare different input files for each topology.