When a network function instance is in an error state, you can re-instantiate it, roll it back to its uninstantiated state, or reset it.

When a network function becomes unavailable due to a pre-instantiation error or a post-instantiation error, the Retry, Rollback, and Reset State options appear.
  • Retry - This option retries the network function instantiation operation from its current failed state. If the Retry operation does not succeed, the network function instance goes back to the Not Instantiated - Error state.
  • Rollback - This option rolls the instantiated network function instance back to its uninstantiated state. VMware Telco Cloud Automation cleans up any deployed resources and the network function instance changes to Not Instantiated - Rolled Back state.
  • Reset State - This option resets the network function instance to its last known successful state. The network function instance goes back to Not Instantiated - Completed state and does not work as expected if you re-instantiate it. Ensure that you delete this instance and clean up any deployed resources.
Note: The Retry, Rollback, and Reset State options are not available for CNF upgrade operations.


  1. Log in to the VMware Telco Cloud Automation web interface.
  2. Navigate to Inventory > Network Function.
  3. Click the Options (three dots) icon for the desired network function:
    • Retry
    • Rollback
    • Reset State
  4. To confirm, click OK.