Telco Cloud Infrastructure follows strict product upgrade guidelines. You must adhere to the upgrade checklist before performing the upgrade.

  1. Ensure that the vCloud NFV 3.2.1 bundle is configured properly and is functional.

  2. Ensure that the Telco Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Director Edition bundle is downloaded and available.

  3. Ensure that your environment has enough storage capacity for backups and snapshots.

  4. Take a snapshot and backup of each management component of vCloud NFV.

  5. Ensure that all the vCloud NFV components in the current production environment are patch current. For the list of components, see Upgrade Sequence.

  6. Ensure that all the VMware products are licensed based on the new product versions supported in VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure OpenStack Edition 1.0.

  7. Based on the components identified in the previous step, develop an upgrade sequence plan for the vCloud NFV solution deployed in your production network.