The management plane functions reside in the Management Pod. They are responsible for the orchestration of resources and operations. The management plane functions are local to each cloud instance providing the infrastructure management, network management, and operations management capabilities.

Resource isolation for compute and networking design are enabled together with vCenter Server, NSX Manager, and VMware Integrated OpenStack. Irrespective of the pod deployment configuration, VMware Integrated OpenStack provides the abstraction layers for multi-tenancy. vCenter Server provides the infrastructure for fine-grained allocation and partitioning of compute and storage resources, whereas NSX-T Data Center creates the network virtualization layer.

The concept of tenancy also introduces multiple administrative ownerships. A cloud provider, that is the CSP admin, can create a resource pool allocation for a tenant who in turn manages the underlying infrastructure and overlay networking. In VMware Integrated OpenStack, multiple tenants can be defined with assigned RBAC privileges to manage the compute and network resources and VNF onboarding.