The diagram in the Scope section of this use case shows how the fully integrated VMware Integrated OpenStack Compute Node, Project and Tenant vDC, and NSX-T Data Center segments, and Tier-1 gateways can be leveraged to provide a multitenant environment for VNF deployment. The Edge Pod hosts the NSX-T Data Center Tier-0 gateways that are used as provider routers for external network connectivity. The NSX Manager provisions the Tier-0 gateway and other networking components required for Tenant VDCs such as segment (East- West) and segment (North-South) connecting to Tier-1 gateway. NSX Manager also creates the Tenant Tier-1 gateway.

The VMware Integrated OpenStack Projects and Tenant VDC represent tenants.

The CSP maps a vSphere compute cluster to a VMware Integrated OpenStack compute node, then for each tenant the CSP allocates and reserves resources by using the VMware Integrated OpenStack Tenant based constructs. Every Tenant VDC is associated with a resource pool within the compute cluster for resource guarantee.

The separation of network access between VMware Integrated OpenStack projects is important for multitenancy. VMware Integrated OpenStack integrates with the NSX Manager to create isolated layer 2 tenant networks. Tier-1 gateways allow tenants to route traffic between their tenant networks.