Telecommunication operators require a dis-aggregated and distributed virtual infrastructure that allows them to selectively place workloads closer to the subscriber, especially with the advent of 5G networks. These distributed mini or micro data centers are broadly termed Telco Edge sites. The geography of a country coupled with its population density can lead a typical Telco operator to deploy thousands of these Edge sites to cater to multiple use cases.

With high data throughput, low latency, and a large number of devices that 5G network needs to support, Telecom operators can introduce new services to the marketplace. The ability to deploy new services quickly and at scale is a key requirement to monetize this market opportunity effectively. To do this, Telecom operators require their virtual infrastructure to be distributed, scalable, and manageable.

This section describes how Telco Cloud Infrastructure, with VMware Cloud Director as the VIM, can be deployed in a dis-aggregated and distributed fashion to meet the growing needs of the Telco Edge use case.