The management plane functions reside in the Management Pod. The management plane functions are local to each site providing the virtual infrastructure and host management, network management, and operations management capabilities.

Resource Orchestration

Each cloud island should have a dedicated VMware Cloud Director instance for virtual infrastructure management of the island. Each site should also have dedicated resource and management vCenter Server instances. Optionally, this design choice can be centralized as the latency and site distances should be considered.

The VMware Cloud Director site and Organization credential association feature federates identity management across various distributed VMware Cloud Director instances and their Organizations within each of the distributed sites. A tenant user can have an Organization VDC created across multiple data centers. A tenant administrator can then log in to any of the associated VMware Cloud Director instances to manage their tenancy from a single pane view.

Figure 1. Global Site Access Conceptual Overview
Global Site Access Conceptual Overview

Operations Management

Operations management functions by using the VMware vRealize suite can be deployed in a single centralized site to collect and process analytics. The latency between sites should be considered in the design.