The tenant external network can carry network traffic to NSX-T Data Center switches that can be either N-VDS Standard or N-VDS Enhanced data path modes or both. This dual-mode N-VDS switching fabric can be used to design for accelerated and non-accelerated workloads within the same or separated compute clusters.

The N-VDS Standard switch can be used to carry the 'tenant Tier-1 to provider Tier-0' traffic and the East- West overlay Geneve traffic between VNFs. VNFs that require high data path traffic can use the N-VDS Enhanced DPDK fabric. This design can be leveraged by services such as the PGW in a mobile network for broadband connectivity, streaming applications for audio and video distribution, and SBC for IP voice peer-to-peer communications. NSX-T N-VDS Standard and N- VDS Enhanced switches are used to carry the tenant traffic to the provider router and the external physical network respectively. This design allows for multiple tenant Tier-1 gateways to use the same provider Tier-0 gateway.