The Telco Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Director Edition design uses VMware vSAN as the shared storage for workloads. Enable vSAN on the management cluster and create a datastore.

For more information, see Configure a Cluster for vSAN Using the vSphere Client.


  1. Enable vSAN on the cluster TCI_MGMT_CLUSTER.
  2. To create the vSAN disk group, select all the SSDs and HDDs of hosts ESXi_MGMT_01 through ESXi_MGMT_04 and add them to the vSAN cluster.
  3. Rename the vSAN datastore to TCI_MGMT_VSAN_DS.
  4. Verify that the vSAN datastore TCI_MGMT_VSAN_DS is visible to the hosts ESXi_MGMT_01 through ESXi_MGMT_04.
  5. Migrate all the VMs of the host ESXi_MGMT_01 from the NFS or local datastore to the vSAN datastore TCI_MGMT_VSAN_DS.

    If you use a local datastore for the Management vCenter Server deployment, you can consume the local disk of the host ESXi_MGMT_01 instead of vSAN datastore.

What to do next


After configuring vSAN, verify the following:

  1. All the disks from ESXi_MGMT_01 to ESXi_MGMT_04 are consumed by the vSAN datastore. Verify the disk consumption from the vSAN disk management page.

  2. The vSAN datastore TCI_MGMT_VSAN_DS is visible to all four hosts in the cluster.

  3. The Management vCenter Server TCI_MGMT_VC resides on the vSAN datastore.