To upgrade vSphere Replication from version to, you must upgrade the required components in your vSphere environment. Ensure that you upgrade all the components on the protected site first and then upgrade the components on the recovery site. During the upgrade, if there are issues that prevent you from accessing the protected site, use the recovery site to restore the protected site to its original state. The ESXi host can be upgraded anytime.


  • Upgrade the vSphere Replication Appliance from version to

    Before you log in to the VRMS Appliance Management Interface to verify the upgraded vSphere Replication version and reconfigure VRMS, follow these steps to configure the admin password and the postgresql.log file permission:

    1. Configure the password for the admin account:

      1. From the vCenter UI, log in to the vSphere Replication VM console as the root user.

      2. Assign the admin user password by running the passwd admin command.

    2. Provide full access to the postgresql.log file and restart the postgres service by running the following commands from the vSphere Replication VM console:

      chmod 777 /var/log/vmware/vrmsdb/postgresql.log
      systemctl start hms-vpostgres