The deployment of NSX-T Data Center involves deploying and configuring NSX-T Data Center components. Installing NSX Manager is the first step in deploying NSX-T Data Center. After installing NSX-T Data Center successfully, configure the NSX components such as NSX Manager, logical switches, and routers. This procedure explains the installation and configuration of NSX-T Data Center Networking with standard mode.

For detailed steps, see NSX-T Data Center Workflow for vSphere.


VMware vSphere is deployed successfully.


  1. Deploy NSX Manager Appliance. See Install NSX Manager and Available Appliances.
  2. Add Compute Managers (both Management vCenter Server and Resource vCenter Server). See Add a Compute Manager.
  3. Deploy additional NSX-T Manager nodes to form a cluster and configure a Virtual IP. See Deploy NSX Manager Nodes to Form a Cluster from UI.