Under the Three-Pod design, the Telco Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Director Edition platform contains a management pod, an edge pod, and a resource pod. Two separate vCenter Server instances are deployed. One to manage the management pod and another to manage the resource and edge pods.

  • Management Pod: Hosts all TCI management components. Its functions include resource orchestration, analytics, BCDR, third-party management, TCI-O, and other ancillary management.

  • Edge Pod: Hosts the NSX-T Data Center network components that are the NSX Edge nodes. Edge nodes participate in East-West traffic forwarding and provide connectivity to the physical infrastructure for North-South traffic management and capabilities. You can deploy Edge nodes on a VM and bare-metal form factor to meet the capacity and performance needs.

  • Resource Pod: Provides virtualized compute, network, and storage for workloads.

Figure 1. Virtual Building Blocks
Virtual Building Blocks

VMware Cloud Director and VMware vRealize Orchestrator load balancer Edges must be deployed inside the management Pod.