This section describes how to deploy and configure the management vCenter Server instance.


  • Download a copy of the vCenter Server installer file or mount the installer ISO to a local drive.

  • Verify that the FQDN that you use with vCenter Server TCI_MGMT_VC is registered in the DNS server for forward and reverse lookup.

  • Verify that the FQDN and IP address can be resolved.

  • Ensure that the Management ESXi (ESXi_MGMT_01) host is installed and configured with either local or NFS Datastore or both and the VM management port group with VLAN ID assigned.

  • Ensure that the NTP server is installed and configured.


  1. Install the Management vCenter Server Instance.
  2. Create the Management Data Center and Cluster.
  3. Create and Configure vSphere Distributed Switches.
  4. Create vSAN Datastore.
  5. Configure vSphere DRS.
  6. Configure the Management Cluster for vSphere HA.
  7. Configure the Management vCenter Server HA.