Before you use the newly installed VMware Cloud Director server group, configure certain VMware Cloud Director elements, such as vCenter Server, NSX Manager association, Provider VDCs, and Organization VDCs.


  1. Open a Web browser window and log in to TCI_CD_LB_IP.
  2. In the Administration tab, select the License menu item and enter the VMware Cloud Director license key.
  3. Add vCenter Server and NSX Resources. See Adding vCenter Server and NSX Resources.
  4. Create Provider VDC, Organizations, and Organization VDC as required by using the VMware Cloud Director UI or API. For more details, see Create a Provider Virtual Data Center, Create an Organization, and Create an Organization Virtual Data Center.
  5. Create Organization VDC networks by importing NSX-T Logical networks from the VMware Cloud Director Tenant UI. For more details, see Managing Organization Virtual Data Center Networks.

What to do next

For more information about the VMware Cloud Director configuration, see: