You must install the ESXi Hypervisor on each physical host from the Management Pod.


Verify that the FQDNs of the hosts are resolvable.


  1. Install the following ESXi hosts on the USB or Flash drive. For the ESXi installation procedure, see Installing and Setting Up ESXi.
    • ESXi_MGMT_01

    • ESXi_MGMT_02

    • ESXi_MGMT_03

    • ESXi_MGMT_04

  2. Configure the networking with the IP address, Netmask, Gateway, DNS, and host FQDN.
  3. Create a VM Management port group only on ESXi_MGMT_01 with VLAN (for example, 10) on the standard switch. The port group is required when you deploy the Management vCenter Server.
  4. (Optional) Configure the VMkernel adapter for NFS connectivity on the ESXi_MGMT_01 host.
  5. Configure the local datastore for ESXi_MGMT_01.
  6. Configure and synchronize NTP with ESXi hosts.