VMware Telco Cloud Operations consists of multiple components and their functions.

Components Description
Smarts components Following Smarts components are used in VMware Telco Cloud Operations:
  • SAM: The Service Assurance Manager (SAM) solution automatically correlates topology and event data from multiple managed domains to diagnose root-cause problems.
  • IP: The IP networks are composed of thousands of interconnected devices. Any outage can cause alarms on the console. To provide the actionable information must sustain service, management solutions must automate the function such as discovery, modeling, and RCA.
  • ESM: The Server Manager (ESM) works with the IP Manager and the SAM Manager to discover, monitor, and analyze the availability and performance of the environmental and software elements.
  • NPM: The Network Protocol Manager (NPM) domain manager uses the Smarts object class models to create within its repository instances of logical routing topology objects, their relationships, and their logical connections.
  • MPLS: The Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) domain manager uses the Smarts object class models to create within its repository instances of MPLS and VPN topology objects, their relationships, and their logical connections.
  • NCM: The Network Configuration Manager (NCM) is a configuration management tool that gives you the power to quickly, easily, and accurately design, modify, and maintain networks, using an intuitive graphical network view.
Gateway VMware Telco Cloud Operations Gateway is a component that acts as an entrypoint to ingest metric data from an external system to VMware Telco Cloud Operations.
Operation UI The Operation UI is a versatile tool for monitoring and reporting performance data, topology data, and fault notifications for all aspects of your infrastructure. The Operation UI has modules that collect, aggregate, and insert data into one or more databases that the portal uses to display reports.
Reporting The reporting allows you to create, modify, and delete the improvised performance metric dashboards and reports for the supported data models.
Alerting Computes KPIs and threshold crossing events on metric streams for the visualization in reports. It then generates alerts from threshold crossing of KPIs and metrics for visualization and notification.
Analytics The Baseline and Anomaly detection analytics solution in VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides a performance monitoring and learning approach for the active operations management.
Mapper The mapper is a utility where, an administrator can map an external model to the internal model.
Enrich Enriches and tags data collected by the Data Collector Service with externally provided reference data.
KPI The capabilities of this component include Key Performance Indicator (KPI) calculation, windowed and non-windowed threshold detection, and creation of data "streams" for processing of metric data collected by collectors.
Collectors Manages the lifecycle of Kafka, SNMP, REST and other collectors, which ingest the data into VMware Telco Cloud Operations through push and pull mechanisms.
  • Event: The event datastore is a processing system which reads the Notifications that SAM publishes. It processes the notifications and persists into back-end Elastic Search Database.
  • Metrics: The metrics collect the data from the configured domain manager.
  • Topology: The domain manager builds a topology of the managed entities. The topology represents the managed elements in the network, their relationships, and their connections.