The IP Availability and Performance Manager discovers domain-specific entities related to the features of Viptela vManage SDWAN and creates topology objects for those features.

As a first step of discovery, Viptela vManage host is discovered through the ICMP discovery. On the discovery of vManage as a Host in IP Domain Manager, it communicates with the Collector Manager ( part of DCC framework) to provisions a discovery collector. The discovery collector runs REST APIs which are required to create a topology representation in the IP domain manager.

Following topology objects are created in IP Server:
  • ManagementCluster (vManage Cluster)
  • ManagementNode
  • ControlCluster (vSmart Cluster, vBond Cluster)
  • ControllerNode
  • VEdge
  • Interface
  • IP (v4)
  • IPNetwork
  • MAC
  • Tunnel
  • Tunnel_Interface
  • Card and Chessis
  • Fan
  • Power Supply
  • Temperature Sensor
Figure 1. Viptela Topology

Topology Objects

The Server Manager builds a topology of the Viptela SD WAN solution components.

The topology objects represent the Viptela solution components in the network, their relationships, and their connections. These objects include:
  • ManagementCluster : Represents the vManage entities deployed as a Cluster.
  • ManagementNode : Represents the “vManage” (Management Plane) in Viptela solutions. vManage is a centralized network management system provides a GUI interface to easily monitor, configure, and maintain all Cisco SD-WAN devices and links in the underlay and overlay network.
  • ControlCluster : Represents the “vSmart Controller” and “vBond Controller” entities deployed as a Cluster.
  • ControllerNode : Represents the vSmart and vBond controller (Control plane) in Viptela solutions. “vSmart Controller” is the centralized control plane of the SD-WAN network. It establishes a secure connection to each VEdge router and distributes routes and policy information via the Overlay Management Protocol (OMP). While “vBond Controller” is an orchestration entity (Orchestration plane) in Viptela solutions. vBond performs the initial authentication of VEdge devices and orchestrates vSmart and VEdge connectivity.
  • VEdge : Represents the VEdge router (Data plane) in Viptela solutions.
  • Tunnel : Represents the Tunnels between any two VEdges.
  • Tunnel_Interface : Represents the endpoints of the VEdge Tunnel.