In this topic, you can find information for configuration required to identify the solution pack metric contained in message, ingested by MnR collector belongs to. These steps must be performed and validated before ingesting the metrics to VMware Telco Cloud Operations Gateway.

Note: Use the Property Tagging filter (PTF) to update spname to filter SP data, and to fetch the mapping of raw packets. Refer, Property-Tagging-Filter.pdf in the MnR installation for more information on configuring the Property tagging filter.


  1. Ensure that, PTF is installed in the MnR installation. If not, refer Property-tagging-Filter.pdf available in the MnR installation, to install PTF.
  2. Configure PTF, to add new property spname.
  3. Provide a filter entry in the collecting.xml file of SP.
    Note: The spname must be unique for the given Solution Pack and cannot used by any other solution packs deployed in MnR. Typical values for this property can be the name of the solution pack for example "VMWareCollector".
  4. Restart the Collector.

    Example - PTF configuration to add "spname":

    Smarts-SP uses PTF already. The modified existing PTF and configured are as follows:
    1. Add a new entry to the configuration file Property-Tagging-Filter/<instancename>/conf/property-tagging-filter.xml, with the configuration says add a new text box spname as follows. When the device is matched to anything a property is added with name as spname and value SPNAME. No changes are required in the collecting.xml file, as using existing PTF.
      <text-file encoding="UTF-8" path="conf/sp.csv">
              <accessor accessor-class="StaticAccessor">
              <parameter name="line">".*",SPNAME</parameter>
                      <key-property delete-after-use="false" string-type="regex">device</key-property>
    Note: You must replace the SPNAME, with actual value like VMWareCollector in the previous example.