In this topic, you can find the list of the protocol connections that occur from and to VMware Telco Cloud Operations.

Components VMware Telco Cloud Operations Node Port Protocol Description Inbound Traffic Outbound Traffic
Kafka-Edge Domain Manager IP 9092 TCP The external Kafka deployed in VMware Telco Cloud Operations cluster. The external systems like MnR push the data to external kafka. Allow Disallow
Zookeeper-Edge Domain Manager IP 2181 TCP The zookeeper for Kafka-Edge. Allow Disallow
Zookeeper Control plane IP 2181 TCP The zookeeper for Kafka-Internal. Allow Disallow
Administation UI Control plane Node 1081 HTTPS Administration UI to configure external SAM. Allow Allow
Authentication Server Control plane Node NA NA NA NA NA
VMware Telco Cloud Operations UI Control plane IP 80/443 HTTP The VMware Teclo Cloud Operation UI port can be configured for the external access. Allow Disallow