In this topic, you can find information about common issues and solutions from VMware Telco Cloud Operations Analytics.

Problems Analysis

Baseline and anomaly are not generated for a definition, even if the definition is deployed.

  1. Verify if the selection criteria matches with the metric type, metric name, device type, device name, entity type, and entity name with the Kafka data received.
  2. Verify if the smarts metric collector is running and collecting the data.

Definition is in restarting or failed state.

  1. Verify if the task manager is running.
  2. Verify if a job manager has sufficient slot available for a job to run.

Analytics alerts are not appearing in Notification view in VMware Telco Cloud Operations UI.

  1. Verify if the OI is correctly configured to subscribe the alerts message from gateway Kafka.
  2. Verify if the smarts event notification collector is running.
  3. List the alerts in the notification view by applying filter to source column with a value as TCO-Analytics.

Unable to find a device type/entity type in selection criteria for a given metric/metric type.

  1. Verify that default values are listed.
  2. If default value is not listed, you can still add by selecting Other type in the selection .

Unable to delete a definition.

  1. To get the definition context menu, click :.
  2. Select Undeploy.
  3. Repeat the step 1, and click Delete.

Definition are not listed.

To list the existing definitions, start the Analytics Service and job manager services, if they are not running.

How to see the definition details?

  1. To get the definition context menu, click :.
  2. Click Details or Edit.