In this topic, you can find information on editing parameters for Analytics Notifications, to transfer the data in the Operational UI Notification log view.


  1. Goto SAM installed location: opt/InCharge/SAM/smarts/bin.
  2. Edit the analytics_svc_msg.conf file, using command: sm_edit
    For Example: ./sm_edit ../conf/icoi/analytics_svc_msg.conf
  3. Modify below parameter value from FALSE to TRUE:
  4. Provide the domain manager node IP address in which gateway kafka is running in the following parameter:
    BrokerInfo kafka:9092
    For Example: BrokerInfo <IPaddress>:9092
  5. Configure anomaly score range for generating want anomaly notification severity by editing /sm_edit ../conf/icoi/AnomalyAlertConfig.json file.
  6. Restart the INCHARGE-OI server, if already running.
  7. In Global manager administration console of SAM, enable INCHARGE-OI in Aggregate SAM then enable INCHARGE-SA (Aggregate SAM) in Presentation SAM.