The Uploading Upgrade Package assists you with uploading the upgrade/patch package for VMware Telco Cloud Operations system using command-line interface and user interface.


  1. Run the following commands from a host with SSH access to the Control Plane Node:
    ssh clusteradmin@control-plane-ip docker tag
    ssh clusteradmin@control-plane-ip docker push
    Note: You must run the earlier mentioned commands before installing a patch for the first time.
  2. To create a directory on the control plane node, run the following commands:
    $ ssh clusteradmin@control-plane-ip, For example: ssh clusteradmin@10.x.x.x
    $ mkdir upgrade-package
  3. Copy the package to the control plane node of the VMware Telco Cloud Operations.
    $ scp <patching file name>.tar.gz root@control-plane-ip:/var/vmware/patching/patch-repo/
    For example: scp patch-v101.tar.gz root@
    Note: If root user is not enable, please use clusteradmin user to copy to the clusteradmin home, and move to the location: /var/vmware/patching/patch-repo/

    $ scp <patching file name>.tar.gz clusteradmin@control-plane-ip:/home/clusteradmin/

    For example: scp patch-v101.tar.gz clusteradmin@

    Then log in to the control plane node. $ ssh clusteradmin@control-plane-ip.

    Move the file to the location: $sudo mv <patching file name>.tar.gz /var/vmware/patching/patch-repo/.

    For example: sudo mv patch-v101.tar.gz /var/vmware/patching/patch-repo/

  4. Go to https://Control Plane Node IP
    1. Navigate to Administration > System Upgrade
    2. Click Check for Update.

    All the available patches which were uploaded to the patching service are listed.