A cluster of APICs controls and manages the Cisco ACI fabric. All the APIC controllers have the full information about the fabric, at any given point.

All the controllers are associated with their OOB Management IP Address to provide an uninterrupted monitoring solution for Cisco ACI, as Cisco ACI does not have a floating address associated to cluster.

During discovery through REST API, OOB Management IP Addresses are fetched and relevant host association is performed.

  • In case the network exposes OOB Management IP Address, the IP Manager automatically discovers other APIC controllers and APIC hosts in the cluster and create relationship between controller node(APIC) and the host.
  • In case the network does not expose OOB Management IP Address, the IP Manager cannot discover other APIC hosts in the cluster. Provide the accessible IP Addresses of the APIC controllers in the config.json file as provided in the following configuration section.