VMware Telco Cloud Operations is an automated service assurance solution designed to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. It provides monitoring and network management across all layers for rapid insights, reduced costs, and improved customer experience. VMware Telco Cloud Operations simplifies data-extraction, enrichment, and analysis of network data across a multi-vendor environment into actionable notifications and alerts. It manages the expanding business needs of Telco in an SDN environment.

What VMware Telco Cloud Operations Does

Single Pane of Glass

Vmware Telco Cloud Operations provides an integrated service monitoring and network management solution. It correlates physical devices such as hosts, switches, and routers with virtual environments such as NFV, VMs, SDN and SD-WAN, providing CSP operations teams with rapid insight and automated actions.

Automates Root Cause Analysis

VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides automated root cause analysis of network incidents across service, physical, and virtual cloud environments for the faster problem isolation and remediation. Extraneous alarms are suppressed, and root causes rapidly identified.

Auto Discovers Physical and Virtual Topologies

With advanced auto-discovery capabilities, VMware Telco Cloud Operations can discover the topology of an entire network – physical, virtual, tenants, and services - within hours and present operators with a comprehensive, graphical topology view. Changes to the network are detected and the topology is updated.

Manages Multi-Tenancy, Multi-Vendor Environments

VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides multi-tenancy and multi-vendor support so CSPs can monitor and proactively manage multiple customers with diverse environments within a single eco-system. It enables CSPs to visualize, analyze, and optimize their environments to enable faster resolution times, provide high availability, and meet stringent SLAs.

Business Impact Analysis

VMware Telco Cloud Operations allows operator to assign business impact scores to tenants and services. Incidents are automatically be prioritized for those tenants who have contracted higher-value services and SLAs for a faster remediation.

Self-Adapting Engine

Rather than using a rules-based engine that must be continuously updated, VMware Telco Cloud Operations uses an advanced multi-dimensional deterministically model-based engine. It automatically adapts to managed systems and reduces alarms by up to 95%+.

Unified Operations View

VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides a unified view for the operations team to examine the root cause notifications, topology, and health (fault and performance) of network infrastructure, and take necessary actions.

Dashboards and Reports

VMware Telco Cloud Operations creates dashboard and reports that are focused on various infrastructure domains (physical/virtual) with pre-packaged reports such as health, use, inventory, availability, use, and flow.

Virtual Appliance

VMware Telco Cloud Operations is available as a ready-to-run appliance as various templates (small, medium, and large) based on needs of the customers. The deployment takes place within minutes without any database, messaging, or operating system to be installed and configured.

Data Collection Framework

VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides out-of-the box data collector coverage collecting fault and performance data from a wide range of network vendors across L2/L3, SDN, SD-WAN, IMS, and vEPC infrastructure and services.

In addition, VMware Telco Cloud Operations allows collecting metrics and enriching that data from any network device, that helps to monitor and report on inventory, health score, network traffic, network trends, and IP-SLA.


SD-WAN Assurance

VMware Telco Cloud Operations supports the monitoring of multi-vendor SD-WAN enterprise services by VMware VeloCloud and Viptela. It is fully integrated for multi-tenant support and fault management and provides the issue isolation and impact assessment across the network.

SDN Assurance

VMware Telco Cloud Operations integrates multi-vendor SDN infrastructure such as VMware NSX and Cisco ACI to gain a granular visibility of faults and performance of SDN. It also integrates legacy infrastructure providing a topology SDN visualization of relationships between both overlay underlay components.

NFV Assurance

VMware Telco Cloud Operations integrates with VMware vCloud NFV for an intelligent approach to multi-tenant and distributed NFV Assurance, supporting virtual compute (vSphere), virtual networking (NSX-T), virtual infrastructure manager (VIO), and OpenStack NFV solutions.

Virtual IMS Assurance

VMware Telco Cloud Operations extends a service-centric common information model for vIMS correlated across several layers such as VNF components, VIM tenancy, cloud infrastructure, and physical network. It helps in performance monitoring, root cause analysis, and issue isolation.

Virtual EPC Assurance

VMware Telco Cloud Operations extends a service-centric common information model for Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) infrastructure correlated across physical, virtual to Serving GW, PDN GW, and MME layers. It supports network services for 4G LTE and VoLTE.