The VMware Telco Cloud Operations alerting service is a configurable facility for generating alert events when KPI or metric values exceed configured thresholds. Example includes raising an alert when CPU utilization of a particular device exceeds a threshold over a period. Or when available disk space on a device falls below a threshold over a period, so that manual or automated remedial action can be taken.

The alerting service works with the streaming service described in the Streaming section of this guide, and the Service Assurance Manager (SAM) described elsewhere. The user defines thresholds on KPIs or raw metrics in the streaming service. They can then define an alert, which associates a name and severity with a threshold crossing. Generated alerts can be used to trigger notifications, such as emails or SMS messages, and can be otherwise managed in the SAM.

Alerts can be defined and edited in the Alerting tab in the VMware Telco Cloud Operations user interface; refer to the following sections for details.