This section illustrates the procedure of updating device access settings for kafka in IP Availability and Performance Manager.

To configure Device Access Settings for Kafka in IP Availability and Performance.


  1. Click Device Access tab at the bottom of Polling and Thresholds windows.
  2. Expand Kafka Bus Access Group > Settings.
  3. Click Kafka Access Setting.
  4. In KafkaBroker, enter comma separated Kafka cluster Hostname/IPAddress and Port. Default IP is <domainmanager worker node IP>, and deafult port is 9092.
  5. In LoginID and Password, enter username and password for Kafka. Not mandaotry to enter the Username and password.
  6. In TopicDiscovery, enter any name for Discovery topic.
  7. In TopicMonitoring, enter any name for Monitoring topic.
  8. Click Apply.
  9. Click Reconfigure, to accept the configuration on the server.