This section helps you in creating report in Dashboards and Reports tool.

The privileged users may create a new report either:
  • In one of the standard dashboards available.
  • In a new dashboard (It requires a new dashboard to be created first.

In order to create a new report in one of the available standard dashboards, follow the procedure:


  1. Navigate to the standard dashboard.
    For example: Global > Network Summary
  2. Click Add panel.
    Figure 1. Creating Report
    New Panel window appears.
    Figure 2. New Panel
  3. Click Add Query.
    A new page with wizards such as Queries, Visualization, General, etc, appears.
  4. In Query wizard, select Query data source (from drop-down), in which you want to fetch the data for the new report.
  5. Select Metric methods and fields as per the requirement.
  6. Select Group by methods and fields as per the requirement.
    Note: In the above example, report for Average Interface In Packet Discards is being created.
  7. In Visualization wizard, select the suitable visualization option, (for example, Graph) as shown below:

  8. In General wizard, enter appropriate title and description for the report panel.
  9. Click Save Dashboard.
    Save Changes dialog window appears.
  10. Click Save, to put the report in the dashboard.
    Once the dashboard is saved, launch the dashboard where the new report is created to view the report.