You can configure Kafka Collector, to collect the data from the various data sources.

To configure the Kafka collector, navigate to Administration > Configuration > Data Collector > Collector Store, and select kafka-collector in the VMware Telco Cloud Operations UI.

You must provide the source Kafka topic where data come from, as well as the respective mapping that will be used to process incoming records.

Following table lists the parameter to configure the Kafka Collector.
Input parameter Description Default Value
Name of the collector Provide name of the collector NA
Source topic Provide source Kafka topic where data will come from. NA
Bootstrap servers Provide source Kafka broker detail. NA
Username Provide username credential of Kafka broker NA
Password Provide password credential of Kafka broker. NA
Application Id Provide an identifier for the stream processing application. Must be unique within the Kafka cluster.
Auto Offset Reset Possible values are:
  • earliest: automatically reset the offset to the earliest offset.
  • latest: automatically reset the offset to the latest offset.
  • none: throw exception to the consumer if no previous offset is found for the consumer's group.
  • anything else: throw exception to the consumer.
Group ID Provide an unique string that identifies the Connect cluster group this worker belongs to.

Mapping source properties to the destination properties to comply with the VMware Telco Cloud Operations format using JSONPath expressions.

 "type": "Kafka-Collector",
 "instance": "$.properties.source",
 "timestamp": "$.timestamp",
 "metricType": "$.properties.devtype",
 "properties.dataSource": "$.properties.ip",
 "properties.deviceType": "$.properties.devtype",
 "properties.deviceName": "$.properties.devdesc",
 "properties.entityType": "$.properties.type",
 "properties.entityName": "$.properties.table",

For data ingested through Kafka Mapper, timestamp values must be in the UTC timestamp ("YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ") and long (ms since epoch) format. Failure to comply, results in messages not being ingested.

For example:
  1. 2021-03-07T20:10:07.934Z (valid)
  2. 2021-3-7T20:10:07.934Z (invalid)
  3. 2021-03-07 (invalid)
  4. 1585827598 (valid)