Network Configuration Manager Reporting offers a list of most used reports when you select NCM Dashboard. You can also create your own custom Reports and get report results customized for your own network and system.

NCM Dashboard

NCM Dashboard contains customers most needed information, providing you information and insight into your networks and systems. In network or system problems do occur, these reports assist you in making informed decisions, and can be beneficial in helping you quickly resolve issues.

NCM Dashboard includes:
  • Change Reports – These reports offer results for Change Approvals, Hardware Changes, Devices with Cut-through and external Changes and Configuration Changes. This includes:
    • Change Detail
    • Device Change
    For these reports multiple filters are available and data can be filtered based on Network, User and Configuration Unit.
    • The Change Reports Dashboard displays the data for the time range selected in Absolute Time Range filter.
    • If none of the devices in NCM has config difference data, then Change reports will throw an error.
  • Device Summary Report – These reports offer results for Device Names, IPs, Status, OS Version, Device Type, Device Class, Serial Number. These includes:
    • Device Summary
    • Device Details
    For these reports network filter is available and data can be filtered based on Network name.
    • The Device Summary dashboard displays the latest summary data of all NCM devices regardless of the time filter.
    • Network Filter displays all networks created in NCM. Networks with no devices discovered does not display any data under Device Details.
    • By Device Class report shows Top10 Device Classes listed.
  • Device Compliance Reports – These reports offer report results for Device Compliance for All Devices, Compliance breakdown, and Compliance Summaries. This includes:
    • Compliance Scorecard
    • Compliance Status

    For these reports two filters are available and data can be filtered based on Network and Compliance Status.

    • The Device Compliance dashboard displays the latest compliance status of all NCM-managed devices regardless of the time filter.
    • The devices which are not audited by any policy, are counted for device count in the Compliance Scorecard reports, but does not appear under Compliance Status report.