SDWAN metric type provides the metrics, properties, and tags to represent the performance of SDWAN physical and virtual entities.

The VMware Telco Cloud Operations VeloCloud and Viptela collectors constructs this metric type with SDWAN performance metrics for controllers, edges, underlay and overlay entities. In the VMware Telco Cloud Operations out-of-the box reports, this metric type is used to show the summary of SDWAN performance trends per device and per SDWAN entities. Leverage this metric type to create custom reports to represent SDWAN performance using other Grafana widgets or new filters. Similarly, custom collectors can construct the metric type for the different vendor and create custom reports.

Example of SDWAN Metric

    "metrics": {
        "15MinuteAverageCPU": 44,
        "1MinuteAverageCPU": 50,
        "5MinuteAverageCPU": 45,
        "avgCPUPercent": 20,
        "avgMemPercent": 21,
        "bestJitterMsRx": 0.0020920502,
        "bestJitterMsTx": 0,
        "bestLatencyMsRx": 0,
        "bestLatencyMsTx": 0,
        "bestLossPctRx": 0,
        "bestLossPctTx": 0,
        "bpsOfBestPathRx": 261832000,
        "bpsOfBestPathTx": 262040000,
        "controlBytesRx": 14562342,
        "controlBytesTx": 55190388,
        "controlPacketsRx": 212024,
        "controlPacketsTx": 234491,
        "cpuUserPercent": 30,
        "dataSource": "",
        "deviceName": "",
        "deviceType": "VEdge",
        "diskAvailable": 1000,
        "diskUsed": 500,
        "elementUUID": "b4-edge1$VEdge$7-site",
        "entityName": "VEdge-2-9-",
        "entityType": "VEdge",
        "instance": "vcp",
        "ipsec_decrypt_inbound": 1000,
        "ipsec_encrypt_outbound": 1001,
        "ipsec_rx_auth_failures": 5,
        "ipsec_rx_failures": 10,
        "ipsec_tx_auth_failures": 1,
        "jitter": 10,
        "lastUpdated": 1615397630,
        "latency": 10,
        "loss": 1,
        "lossPercentage": 4,
        "maxCPUPercent": 4,
        "maxMemPercent": 21,
        "memoryBuffers": 10000,
        "memoryCached": 10,
        "memoryFree": 1000,
        "memoryUsed": 50,
        "metricType": "sd-wan",
        "minCPUPercent": 3,
        "minMemPercent": 21,
        "numberOfRunningProcess": 5,
        "p1BytesRx": 998362,
        "p1BytesTx": 9789,
        "p1PacketsRx": 74701,
        "p1PacketsTx": 111145,
        "p2BytesRx": 0,
        "p2BytesTx": 54341,
        "p2PacketsRx": 0,
        "p2PacketsTx": 9975,
        "p3BytesRx": 0,
        "p3BytesTx": 0,
        "p3PacketsRx": 0,
        "p3PacketsTx": 0,
        "processedTimestamp": 1616171610712,
        "rxOctets": 902342,
        "rxPkts": 1000,
        "scoreTx": 4.4,
        "signalStrength": 0,
        "tcpMssAdjust": 1001,
        "timestamp": 1616171610000,
        "@timestamp": "2021-03-19T20:34:50.000Z",
        "total": 25,
        "totalNumberOfProcess": 43,
        "tunnelMtu": 1085,
        "txOctets": 1400,
        "txPkts": 15,
        "type": "",
        "@version": "1"
    "properties": {
        "customer": "7-site",
        "deviceId": "",
        "dstip": "",
        "dstport": "10245",
        "extractedName": "VEdge-2-9-",
        "Id": "",
        "localcolor": "mpls",
        "model": "vbond",
        "remotecolor": "mpls",
        "remotedeviceId": "",
        "srcip": "",
        "srcport": "10245",
        "state": "up",
        "tenant": "SingleTenantName",
        "tunnelcolor": "mpls",
        "TunnelProtocol": "GRE",
        "vendor": "Viptela",
        "vmanageSystemIP": ""

The following table includes JSON definitions.

Metric Description Unit
15MinuteAverageCPU 15 minute CPUaverage. Nb
1MinuteAverageCPU 1 minute CPU average. Nb
5MinuteAverageCPU 5 minute CPUaverage. Nb
avgCPUPercent average CPU usage percentage. Nb
avgMemPercent average memory usage percentage. Nb
bestJitterMsRx Rx Jitter. Nb
bestJitterMsTx Tx Jitter. Nb
bestLatencyMsRx Rx Latency. Nb
bestLatencyMsTx Tx Latency. Nb
bestLossPctRx packet loss percentage in receiving. percentage
bestLossPctTx packet loss percentage in transmission. percentage
bpsOfBestPathRx Best Path Rx. bits
bpsOfBestPathTx Best Path Tx. bits
controlBytesRx Control bytes received. Bytes
controlBytesTx Control bytes transferred. Bytes
controlPacketsRx control packets received. Packets
controlPacketsTx Control packets transferred. Packets
cpuUserPercent Percentage of CPU used. percentage
diskAvailable Available disk. Bytes
diskUsed disk space used. Bytes
ipsec_rx_auth_failures Receive auth failures. Nb
ipsec_rx_failures Receive failures. Nb
ipsec_tx_auth_failures Transfer auth failures. Nb
jitter Jitter Nb
latency Latency Nb
loss loss Nb
lossPercentage loss percentage. Nb
maxCPUPercent Maximum CPU percentage. percentage
maxMemPercent Maximum mem utilization percentage. percentage
memoryBuffers Memory buffer. Nb
memoryCached Memory cached. Nb
memoryFree Free Memory. Nb
memoryUsed Memory used. Nb
minCPUPercent Minmum CPU percentage. percentage
minMemPercent Minimum mem utilization percentage. percentage
numberOfRunningProcess Total Number of running processes. Nb
p1BytesRx Bytes received for Voice traffic. Bytes
p1BytesTx Bytes transmitted for Voice traffic. Bytes
p1PacketsRx packets received for Voice traffic. Packets
p1PacketsTx packets transmitted for Voice traffic. Packets
p2BytesRx Bytes received for Video traffic. Bytes
p2BytesTx Bytes transmitted for Video traffic. Bytes
p2PacketsRx packets received for video traffic. Packets
p2PacketsTx packets transmitted for video traffic. Packets
p3BytesRx Bytes received for transactional traffic. Bytes
p3BytesTx Bytes transmitted for transactional traffic. Bytes
p3PacketsRx packets received for transactional traffic. Packets
p3PacketsTx packets transmitted for transactional traffic. Packets
rxOctets Number of octets received. Bytes
rxPkts Number of packets received. Packets
totalNumberOfProcess The total number of processes. Nb
tunnelMtu The MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) for the tunnel. Nb
txOctets Number of octets transferred. Bytes
txPkts Number of packets transferred. Packets
totalBytes total bytes sent and received. Bytes
totalPackets total packets sent and received. Packets
avgLatencyRxMs Average RX latency of path in configured interval period. Nb
avgLatencyTxMs Average TX latency of path in configured interval period . Nb
jitterRxMs Rx average jitter of path in configured interval period. Nb
jitterTxMs Tx average jitter of path in configured interval period . Nb
lostPacketsRxDeltaCount Delta packet lose count in receiving. Packets
octetDeltaCount_rev Biflow RFC 5103): the number of outgoing bytes. Bytes
packetDeltaCount_rev Biflow RFC 5103): the number of outgoing packets. Packets
packetsLostDeltaTxCount Delta packets lose count in trasmission. Packets
replicatedPacketsRxDeltaCount Count of replicated packets received for the flow. Packets
replicatedPacketsTxDeltaCount Count of replicated packets received for the flow. Packets
retransmittedPacketsTxDeltaCount Count of packets retransmitted for the flow. Packets
rxLossPercent Loss percentage in this RX path. Percentage
txLossPercent Loss percentage in this TX path. Percentage