Alerting service is a configurable facility for generating alert events when KPI or metric values exceed configured thresholds. In this topic, you can find information on creating alert, with the aid of alerting, data collectors, and KPI components.


  • Ensure that, collector is started.
  • Ensure that, the associated threshold streamer is also started.


  1. Go to http(s)://<TelcoCloud operatios-ui-IP>.
    A typical URL for logging in to the user interface from the same system on which VMware Telco Cloud Operations is installed is, http://10.x.x.x..
  2. Enter Username and Password.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Navigate to KPI Designer > Threshold Designer.
  5. To create alert, select the action menu (three vertical dots), and click Create Alert in the Name column.
    Note: The Create Alert menu item is available in the action menu, only when the alert module is enabled.
    You are navigated to the Alert Definition page.
  6. To run or deploy the alert, click SAVE & DEPLOY.
    After starting and configuring all the respective component (Data Collectors, KPI Designer, and Threshold Designer) successfully, alerts are displayed in the Operation UI Log View.