After Network Configuration Manager Reporting is deployed, login to VMware Telco Cloud Operations UI, see the Start VMware Telco Cloud Operations in VMware Telco Operations User Guide, for more information.

Validation of Datasources in Grafana:


  1. To launch VMware Telco Cloud Operations Reporting Home page, click Dashboard & Reports.
  2. Go to Configuration > Data Sources on the left pane.
  3. Search for NCM.
  4. You can see two Data Sources configured by default.
    1. NCM-PostgreSQL : The postgres datasource is used for Compliance Reports.

      Click NCM-PostgreSQL and validate the NCM Database details as configured in Host, Database, User, and Password. In case data is not correct, correct the same and click Save & Test to test the connection to NCM Database server.

    2. NCM-Proxy : This is infinity datasource and is used for Device Change Report.

      Click NCM-Proxy and check the URL details configured under URL. It must be http://ncm-proxy:9081. Click Save & Test to check the connection.

  5. Go to Home Page again by clicking Dashboards> Home.
  6. Scroll down to go to NCM Dashboard.