The objective of full backup is to back up all the virtual machine completely. Full backups are done as per IT admin policy of the organization and are scheduled to run at a regular interval.

Most backup tools authorize configurable scheduling of automatic backups and on-demand manual backups. VMware Telco Cloud Operations is qualified with the Veeam Backup and Restore application.


  1. Using the tool configuration, you can connect to the VC, that is controlling the VMware Telco Cloud Operations virtual machines.
    Note: Ensure that, your tool is able to connect to all the VMware Telco Cloud Operations VMs themselves.
  2. Ensure that the repository where the backups are going to be stored, are set up correctly with the minimum memory and storage requirements necessary to do a full backup.
    Note: Make sure that you are following the repository requirements provided by your tool.
  3. For a full backup, your tool must be pointed to ALL the VMware Telco Cloud Operations VMs, that you are backing up.
    An example of a full backup, using Veeam tool:
    1. Deploy Veeam on Windows virtual machine in an ESX host.
    2. Configure Veeam pointing to the VC, where VMware Telco Cloud Operations is deployed.
    3. Attach a repository to the Veeam-VM.
      Note: Repository must have at least 5 TB free space.
    4. Generate traffic, using the simulator tool.
      Note: Ensure that, the traffic is flowing through the system through the UI dashboard.
    5. Add all the five VMware Telco Cloud Operations VMs, for the backup purpose.

      Veeam application, scheduled the backup and run at the scheduled time. Progress and successful completion are monitored on the Veeam dashboard.