To deploy NCM Reporting successfully, you need to complete the VMware Telco Cloud Operations control plane node configuration.


  1. Login VMware Telco Cloud Operations control plane node.
  2. Go to /home/clusteradmin/ncm-proxy in control-plane-node.
    Ensure, that the lockb.ekey is present under /home/clusteradmin/ncm-proxy.
  3. Update NCM database details, NCM_DB_IPADDR, NCM_DB_PORT, NCM_DB_NAME, NCM_DB_USER, and NCM_DB_PASS in ncmdb.conf file.
    Note: In NCM 10.1.6 release voyence_ro user is added, which has access to only SELECT queries in voyence schema, and it is recommended to use voyence_ro user for reporting.
  4. Execute sudo ./deploy-ncm-proxy -f ncmdb.conf command.
  5. Execute below command to check if ncm-proxy service is running:
    kubectl get pods -n vmware-smarts | grep ncm-proxy
    Note: After deploying ncm-proxy service, ncmdb.conf file can be deleted to avoid any security issue.