This topic lists the ports and services that are used by VMware Telco Coud Operations components.

Service Port(s) Comment
SSH 22
Main UI 80, 443 If port 80 is blocked and you are not able to access the user interface, then use https.
Deployment UI 1081 Unused after initial deployment.
Zookeeper 32181
Edge Zookeeper 2181
Edge Kafka 9092
Netflow 2055 If Netflow collector is enabled.
Harbor container registry 8443
Kubernetes Calico networking 179, 4789
Kubernetes API server 6443
Kubernetes etcd (config service) 2379-2380
Kubernetes Kubelet API 10250
Kubernetes kube-scheduler 10251
Kubernetes kube-controller-manager 10252
Kubernetes nodeport service 30000-32767