The VMware Telco Cloud Operations Deployment Guide provides information about deploying the VMware Telco Cloud Operations virtual appliance multi-VM cluster.

You can create a multi-VM cluster through an automated installation or a manual installation.

Please refer to the Automated Deployment Process or Manual Deployment Process in the VMware Telco Cloud Operations Deployment Guide.

Characteristics of VMware Telco Cloud Operations:
  • Deploys as a multi-VM (node) cluster
  • Deploys on ESXi hypervisor
  • Uses vCenter to manage ESXi
  • Uses different footprint option for deployment based on the number of managed devices (see the following table). See the VMware Telco Cloud Operations Systems Requirements section for more details about footprint options. Some footprint sizes allow you to choose either a High Availability (HA) or non-HA version. The HA version requires more nodes as listed in the footprint specification.
Footprint Number of Devices
2.5 K Up to 2,500 managed devices
25 K Up to 25,000 managed devices
50 K Up to 50,000 managed devices
100 K Up to 100,000 managed devices