Each CNF consists of multiple Pods. The default network interface on the Pods is called Primary Network. The Primary Network can serve all types of communication including management, Pod-to-Pod, Pod-to-Service, and External-to-Service communications. But, the Primary network is not suitable for creating a fast data path due to the following reasons.

  • The Primary Network on the Pod must use a supported CNI plugin such as Calico or Antrea.

  • The special data plane requirements such as consistent high throughput, low latency, and SR-IOV with DPDK cannot be met using Primary Network.

  • The Primary Network traffic requires isolation from the heavy data plane traffic.

So, the data plane CNF Pod must have one or more Secondary Network interfaces for creating a dedicated and fast data path.

Telco Cloud Automation configures Multus CNI in the CaaS layer to enable Secondary Networks on the Pods. Ensure that the Primary and Secondary Networks on the Pod use different network interfaces on the Worker Node.