VMware Telco Cloud Platform™ — 5G Edition is a cloud-native platform powered by field-proven VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure™ coupled with automation. It provides a cloud-first approach that delivers operational agility for virtual, cloud-native 5G, and Edge network functions. Telco Cloud Platform helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) expedite their innovation cycle to deliver new applications and services. It helps reduce operational complexities, and achieve substantial TCO savings over other approaches, further accelerating CSPs’ cloud modernization journey to 5G.

Using Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition, you can design and create a Telco cloud as a complete solution for the deployment and operation of VNF and CNF workloads from core to cloud to edge. For more information, see the VMware Telco Cloud Platform 5G Reference Architecture Guide.

The Telco Cloud Platform5G reference architecture guide describes the high-level physical and virtual infrastructure, networking, and storage elements that include infrastructure, automation, and operations layers.


Refer to the Telco Cloud Platform 5G Reference Architecture Guide to understand the Telco Cloud Platform components.

Figure 1. Layers of Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition
Layers of Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition