VMware Telco Cloud Platform Public Cloud 1.0 | 26 JAN 2022

Check for additions and updates to these release notes.


Telco Cloud Platform Public Cloud is a new Public Cloud platform that caters directly to Telecommunications Service Providers. This platform builds on top of existing Telco-class platforms VMware Cloud on AWS, Telco Cloud Platform and Telco Cloud Infrastructure, catering to Telco Requirements.

What's New

The new features for this release are as follows:

  • Components that constitute Release 1 of Telco Cloud Platform Public Cloud
    • VMware Cloud on AWS
      • Version – M16v2
    • VMware Telco Cloud Automation
      • Version – 2.0
    • VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
      • Version – 1.4
    • VMware vRealize Orchestrator
      • Version – 8.4.2 & 8.5
    • VMware vCenter (for vRealize Orchestrator SSO)
      • Version – 7.0 Update 3 (18700403)
    • Harbor
      • Version – 2.x
    • vRealize Operations Cloud
      • Version – Not Applicable as vRealize Operations Cloud is consumed as-a-Service
    • vRealize Log Insight Cloud
      • Version – Not Applicable as vRealize Log Insight Cloud is consumed as-a-Service
    • vRealize Network Insight Cloud
      • Version – Not Applicable as vRealize Network Insight Cloud is consumed as-a-Service
  • Supported Use Cases
    • Validation of the above supported use cases
      • The above usecases have been validated for interoperability and general operations of Control plane NFs. Performance of specific NFs was out of scope of this validation.
    • Deploy and run Control Plane Network Functions (Virtual Network Functions and Containerized Network Functions) on top of this release. Check marketplace for latest NFs that are certified to run.

Known Issues

The known issues for this release are:

  • Deployment of TCA, Tanzu and TCOPS as a product
    • Lifecycle Management of the above products is not managed by VMware.
    • Lifecycle Management of VMware Cloud on AWS, vRealize Operations Cloud, vRealize Network Insight Cloud, vRealize Log Insight Cloud, Cloud Director Service is VMware-Managed.
  • Telco Cloud Automation requires vRO and vRO requires admin privileges. As a cloud administrator (only available admin account within VMC SDDC) does not have the required privileges, an additional vCenter needs to be deployed so that vRO can be consumed by vRO.
  • Networking & Security Configuration can only be done via VMC Console.

    Workaround: None

  • During Deployment of VNF, VNF vNIC will be in disconnected.

    Workaround: vNIC must be manually connected. The workflow has to be reinitiated.

  • Trunk Interfaces on VNFs are not supported.

    Workaround: None

  • If VIF MTU size is less than VMC MTU, then you cannot attach Direct Connect VIFs to SDDC vGW.
  • Workaround: None
  • During an upgrade of TCA, the add-on option for MGMT Cluster / Kubernetes Cluster.

    Workaround: Restarting application service from within TCA-CP enables the option.

  • GRE over direct connect has not been validated.

    Workaround: None

  • TKG Cluster upgrade (Kubernetes version 1.20.8+vmware.1 to version 1.21.2+vmware.1) via TCA may not work.

    Workaround: Manually reboot the old version node from vCenter and then retry the upgrade from TCA.

  • VNF instantiation fails in TCA 2.0 (Run_Script_in_Guest workflow failed).

    Workaround: Problem Report being investigated.

  • Unable to create users within TCA on VMC as the cloudadmin account does not have all admin privileges.

    Workaround: Create users first via VMC SDDC vCenter. TCA can then consume these.

  • Macvlan CNI plugin is not supported in VMC on AWS.

    VMC on AWS does not support mac learning segment profiles, as such any CNI plugin such as macvlan that requires mac address learning does not function.

    Workaround: None

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