vRealize Log Insight Cloud enables the development of sophisticated analytics that aid in rapid troubleshooting of a VMware Cloud on AWS environment.

vRealize Log Insight Cloud provides a fully managed and integrated log analytics and troubleshooting service.

vRealize Log Insight Cloud includes VMware-authored SDDC (ESXi, VC, NSX, and VSAN) insight for troubleshooting, a flexible and comprehensive query facility that supports troubleshooting for novice and experienced administrators, built-in SDDC and custom alerting capability, flexible notification mechanisms, and centralized support for local or federated authentication.

Cloud Proxy

A Cloud Proxy receives log and event information from monitored sources and sends this information to vRealize Log Insight Cloud where it can be queried and analyzed. vRealize Log Insight Cloud includes the Cloud Proxy as a .ova file to download and install in the SDDC.

Design Decision Design Justification Design Implication

Deploy a Cloud Proxy in each SDDC.

Enables data collection.


Configure syslog clients to send logs to the cloud proxy.

Enables clients to store logs in vRealize Log Insight Cloud.