vRealize Operations Cloud delivers a unified management platform to optimize, plan, and scale hybrid cloud deployments from applications to infrastructure, powered by AI/ML, as a service.

VMware vRealize® Operations Cloud delivers self-driving operations from apps to infrastructure to help optimize, plan and scale VMware Cloud and multi-cloud environments. vRealize Operations Cloud delivers continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity and cost management, proactive planning, intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance as a VMware Cloud service.

Continuous performance optimization

Assure hybrid cloud performance at a minimal cost. Based on operational and business intent, real-time predictive analytics drive actions to automatically balance workloads and proactively avoid contention, continuously optimizing hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), and hybrid cloud environments. Automate workload balancing and placement to reduce software license costs, optimize based on performance tiers, consolidate clusters or enforce compliance.

Efficient capacity and cost management

Reduce cost and improve efficiency with real-time, predictive capacity, and cost analytics, delivering optimal consolidation and proactive planning. Predict future demand, get actionable recommendations, and automate reclamation and right-sizing. Integrate costs and capacity analytics to optimize utilization and reduce costs. Advanced what-if scenarios help plan capacity and model the best fit for new workloads, hardware procurement, HCI planning, cost comparison across data centers, and migration planning to public clouds.

Intelligent remediation

Predict, prevent and troubleshoot faster with actionable insights correlating metrics, events, logs, and configuration data to deliver AI-based anomaly detection across hybrid clouds. Extend monitoring visibility to multiple public clouds. Centralize IT operations management with native SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS integrations, and management packs for scalability and extensibility.

Integrated compliance

Reduce risk and enforce IT and regulatory standards for SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS with integrated compliance and automated drift remediation. Ensures the environment's adherence to requirements.

Cloud Proxy

Cloud proxies in vRealize Operations collect and monitor data from SDDCs. A Cloud Proxy is deployed for each configured SDDC. The cloud proxies work as one-way remote collectors and upload data from the remote environment to vRealize Operations.

An organization owner in VMware Cloud on AWS must select the SDDC which will be configured for access to vRealize Operations Cloud. The configurations needed for vRealize Operations Cloud service configuration occurs automatically eliminating the need to manually configure the vRealize Operations Cloud Proxy which is needed for data collection.

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication

Deploy two Cloud Proxies per SDDC in a Remote Collector Group.

Enables high availability of the cloud proxy.

Uses more resources than a single cloud proxy.

Deploy the Cloud Proxy as a Standard size appliance.

Enables the collection of 40,000 objects with 6,000,000 total metrics.

Requires more resources than the Small size appliance.