The first step in deploying Telco Cloud Platform - Public Cloud is to determine which supported use case is most appropriate for your needs. Review Supported Use cases below.

After you have deployed and configured your Telco Cloud Platform - Public Cloud Use case, go to the Telco Cloud Platform - Public Cloud User Guide for information about advanced features that enable you to create a secure hybrid cloud with extended networking, single sign-on, and integration with other VMware® and Amazon® tools.

Intended Audience:

This information is intended for Telco Operators who wants to run Control Plate Network Function workloads in the cloud and can serve as a starting point for your exploration of additional features and capabilities. The information is written for readers who have used vSphere in an on-premises environment and are familiar with virtualization concepts. In-depth knowledge of vSphere or Amazon Web Services® is not required.

Important: Before you begin working through the procedures in this guide, take a look at the VMware Cloud on AWS Launchpad.