The O-RAN working group 6 (Cloudification and Orchestration Workgroup) includes an O-Cloud Notification API specification for event consumers. Telco Cloud Platform RAN incorporates a model to support this specification.

The notification model provides a way for a consumer (CNF) to subscribe to status and event updates from the O-Cloud environment.

The CNF can subscribe to notifications through a sidecar co-located in the same pod as the DU Worker or through a local REST API. The CNF can query, register, and receive notifications through a callback API specified during the CNF registration.

The initial instantiation of the Cloud API notification framework provides notification for PTP status events. Rather than each RAN NF vendor incorporating multiple mechanisms to support multiple timing implementations, this notification framework provides a REST API for the NF vendor to subscribe and receive PTP synchronization events. The Cloud API Notification framework monitors the PTP status (PTP Sync Status and PTP Lock Status) and delivers notifications through a message bus to consumer applications.

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication

If the consumer CNF (DU) requires event notifications, deploy and integrate the sidecar with the CNF.

Provides a way for the notification (PTP status changes) to be communicated by the O-Cloud to event consumers.

Requires integration between the CNF (DU) and the sidecar applications.

If the consumer CNF (DU) requires event notifications, the O-Cloud API CSAR must also be deployed.

Provides a mechanism for the O-Cloud to monitor PTP and communicate to the sidecar.



For more information about the O-RAN notification deployment in Telco Cloud Platform RAN, refer to the Telco Cloud Platform RAN Deployment Guide and contact your local VMware representative.