The virtual infrastructure is the foundation of the platform. It contains the software-defined infrastructure, software-defined networking, and software-defined storage.

Compute Workload Domain

With Telco Cloud Platform RAN architecture, you can deploy and extend RAN applications into Regional Data Centers and Cell Sites. The compute workload domain that you deploy on Regional Data Center (RDC) through Telco Cloud Automation can contain multiple Cell Site ESXi hosts, each running the user workloads to enable the RAN solution. These Cell Site hosts can be as small as one ESXi host and scale depending on the resource and availability requirements of the solution being deployed.

Each Cell Site compute workload domain can support up to 128 Cell Site Groups due to the 128 vSphere Distributed Switch limit per vCenter Server. Telco Cloud Automation dedicates a VDS for each Cell Site Group.

Also, when designing the Cell Sites for the Telco Cloud Platform RAN solution, review the maximum supported configurations of vCenter Server. Multiple vCenters can be added to a single Telco Cloud Platform RAN solution to scale the size of the Telco Cloud Platform RAN deployment.

The following table lists some of the supported configuration maximums. For the latest updates to maximums, see VMware Configuration Maximums.



Hosts per vCenter Server


VDS per vCenter Server


Hosts per VDS


CNFs per TCA Control Plane