Enabling vSAN on compute cluster is optional but is recommended. vSAN clustered storage provides better performance and resiliency when deploying Tanzu Kubernetes clusters. To enable vSAN services on Compute Cluster, you must have the license to VMware Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition.

For the detailed configuration steps, see Administering VMware vSAN.


  1. In the Compute cluster TCP_RAN_COMP_CLUSTER settings, enable vSAN.
  2. To create the vSAN disk group, select all the magnetic disks and flash drives of each ESXi host, and add them to the vSAN cluster.
  3. Name the vSAN datastore TCP_RAN_COMP_VSAN_DS.
  4. Verify that the hosts can see TCP_RAN_COMP_VSAN_DS.

What to do next

After configuring vSAN, verify the following.

  1. ESXi_COMP_01 through ESXi_COMP_04 are participated in configuring vSAN datastore creation and consumed hard disks from each ESXi host.

  2. The vSAN datastore TCP_RAN_COMP_VSAN_DS is visible to all four hosts in the cluster.

  3. Create a VM on the vSAN datastore.